Library website browsing in your native language!

Now you can browse our library website in your own language! You can do it through Google translation service assistance, just in 4 simple steps at the top of the page:

1-2. Select your native language (or the language in which the page will be translated) at the top of the page.

*NoteIf you do not see the Google translator it means that your web browser does not have Java software. In this case, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

3. If you're in English language website then change the website language to the library's primary language (Click on „Lietuvių“), which can be done at the top of the page.

*Note: please take note that every time you browse through website it may take up to few seconds (usualy 2-10, everything depends on your computer speed) for the Google translation service to re-translate website newly opened page.

4. Browse and read the information you're interested in!

Note: Please note that Google's translation service is not perfect, so you can spot translation errors. If you are interested in some kind of page which translation you are not satisfied with, then we propose to change translation language to English, which is currently the most accurately translated.


Note: in case you're still not sure how to use Google translation service assintance we included pictures that illustrates above described steps (you can enlarge pictures by clicking on them): 

1-2. Choose the language you need.

3. Change website language to Lithuanian.